Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Picasso's musical collages

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Picasso was born in 1881 in Spain. Picasso’s father was a painter and sculptor and began Picasso’s art education at an early age. Picasso lived in Paris for much of his life where he lived passionately until his death in 1973. His art grew and changed throughout his life and he was key in forming several important artistic movements. I could and will write posts on each of Picasso’s “periods,” as they are called.

Music influenced many of Picasso’s pieces, including his collages. Today’s post will be on these musical collages.

Picasso used wallpaper, cloth, and sheet music in his musical collages as well as paint. He used wallpaper most often to create the background and then cut the sheet music, cloth, paper scraps, and newspaper into the shape of guitars or pieces of guitars. Then he combined the shapes on the collage to represent a guitar.

Look at the collages shown below and think about what you might want to use in your own collage. Tomorrow I’ll post a Picasso inspired collage project.

Glass of Vieux Marc, Glass, Guitar, and Newspaper:

Guitar, Sheet Music, and Wine Glass:

Guitar and Sheet Music:

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Peter said...

I like very much this way of presenting Picasso's different periods!! Very clear and good way to understand his art. Maybe you should add something about the years and the order of his different periods?

Jessica said...

Great suggestion. I could create a timeline graphic to place at the start of each post. This would be particularly useful since I don't plan to post the periods in order or even all togther. Thanks for the helpful suggestion.

Anonymous said...

some of the info. was good but it doesnt explain how music made an impact on cubism!!