Saturday, December 19, 2009

Virtual Cookie Decorating

Cookie baking has always been a part of the Christmas season in my house.

But you can only make so many cookies before you run out of people to eat them. When you’ve made enough real cookies, head to this site to decorate some virtual cookies.

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Peter said...

Nice souvenirs! I was so pleased when my daughter came over to my place just before Christmas to make a our special family Christmas cake - her oven was not working well enough.

Happy New year ... and continue your inspired blog!

Peter said...

You haven't abandoned the blogging I hope? Some long and nice vacations?

Peter said...

Jessica!! Where are you? :-)

Jessica said...

Everything's okay. The blog is just taking a backseat for the time being because I've started student teaching. I'll post again when I have a moment. Thanks for checking in!

Anonymous said...

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