Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Paint Your Own Georgia O'Keeffe Flower

Yesterday you learned about Georgia O’Keeffe and the flower close-up paintings she is best known for. Today, paint your own flower close-up.

Supplies Needed:

White construction paper

Gather your materials and cover your workspace. I recommend that you find a photo of a flower to inspire you. Below is the photo I used. (It was taken in the springtime at the Smithsonian Castle in D.C.)
Begin by sketching your flower onto your paper. Remember, you want the flower to fill up the whole page.
When you’re happy with your sketch, choose which colors you’d like to use to fill in your flower. I chose all warm colors (red, yellow, and orange), but you can use any colors you want.

Paint your flower. Georgia O’Keeffe used bright colors. If you want your watercolors to look bright on the page, mix less water into them. Painting two coats of paint will also create brighter colors.
Enjoy your flower painting!

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