Thursday, October 9, 2008

Create Your Own Soap Bubble Art

Today’s project was inspired by Jean Simeon Chardin’s Soap Bubble (below), which I showed you yesterday. I had so much fun with this one. I hope you will, too.
Supplies Needed:

Washable kids paint
Plastic cups
Drinking straws
Bubble soap

Go outside!

I’m going to say that again. Put on an old t-shirt and go outside. This project can be messy.
Pour a little bubble soap into a few plastic cups. You’ll want one cup for each color. Mix in a squirt of paint. This isn’t a science. The more paint you mix in, the darker the colors will be, but keep in mind that if you add too much paint your mixture will no longer create bubbles.

Lighter colors, like pink, don’t show up as well as darker colors, no matter how much paint you add. You might want to stick with colors like blue, red, green, and purple. Experiment with as many colors as you want.

Dip a straw into a color. Do not suck up the bubble soap. You want as little soap as possible on the end (and you don’t want to drink soapy paint!).

Blow bubbles onto your sheet of paper. I laid my paper in the grass, sat next to it, and let the breeze blow the bubbles onto the paper. If you have a friend to create bubble art with, take turns catching the bubbles with the paper.
The longer the bubble sits on the paper before popping, the darker the ring of color will be. I found that larger bubbles popped more quickly than smaller bubbles.
When you like the way your painting looks, let it dry. The colors get very light when they dry.

Younger kids can enjoy this project as well. Just use bubble wands instead of straws and be prepared for a bigger mess. Bubble wands blow way more bubbles at a time than straws do.

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Unknown said...

I'm glad you liked that one. You should see how the kids versions turned out. They were really amazing. I'll have to put some of them up here. The problem is they usually take them home before I get a chance to take a photo. This bubble project looks like tons of fun. We'll have to try it our once it cools off here. It's still getting up to 100 degrees most days!