Friday, October 26, 2007

Create Your Own Pop-Up Pumpkin Card

Yesterday you learned about how pop-up books became popular. Today you can make your own pop-up. Spread good wishes for Halloween with this festive pop-up card!

Supplies needed:

Orange construction paper in at least two shades
Brown construction paper
Heavy piece of paper to be the card
Glue Stick

Clear Tape

Fold the piece of heavy paper and half and set it aside.

Fold each sheet of orange paper in half and then in half again. Trace a circle onto the orange paper. Try using a cup or a bowl to do this.
Cut the circles out and fold each one in half. Then unfold them and stack them on top of each other, alternating colors. Staple them together. Make sure to put the staples on the fold line.

Glue the outermost circle to the inside of your card, centered on the fold line.
Decorate the card anyway you want, then send it to someone you care about.

I left out a step when I made my pumpkin card. You have to tape the half circles together and I thought glue would work just as well; it doesn't. So here are the directions for taping. Glue the bottom half circle to the card. Roll a piece of tape (so it's sticky on both sides) and attach the bottom half-circle to the one next to it. Then tape half-circle 2 to half-circle 3 near the bottom. Tape half-circle 3 to 4 near the middle. Tape 4 to 5 near the bottom. Use this pattern until you reach the second to top half-circle. Roll another piece of tape and attach this half-circle to the top half circle. Glue the top half-circle to the card.

I ran out of orange paper so I couldn't make another pumpkin. Instead, I made a bunch of grapes. Look at the grapes above to see the taping pattern. Below is the finished pop-up card.
Be creative. You can make any simple shape pop-up this way. Try a festive fall apple.

For more pop-up instructions go to pop-up master,
Robert Sabuda's site.

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