Thursday, March 27, 2008

Book Review: Windows to Color by Julie Aigner-Clark

A couple that I’m friends with is getting ready for the arrival of their first child. You’ve probably noticed that I like art and that I think it’s important for kids to learn about art so, me being me, I set out to create the perfect gift basket of art for this baby-to-be. In my search, I came across a fantastic board book that I thought might be of interest to some of you readers.

If you’ve had a baby recently, are preparing to have a child, are an older brother or sister to a baby, or know someone with a young child, you’ve probably seen the “Baby Einstein” products put out by Disney. For that matter, if you’ve watched T.V. lately you’re probably seen commercials for “Baby Einstein” products. I am very impressed. I must tell you about this book I found called Windows to Color written by Julie Aigner-Clark and illustrated by Nadeem Zaidi. It introduces kids 9 months and older to color, using master works of art as examples.

First you see the painting, then you turn the page and find the name of the color written in large letters with examples of objects that are that color. There is a little window (the shape of which varies throughout the book—a star, a heart, a circle, etc.) through which you can see where the featured color is used in the painting.

Van Gogh’s fields of yellow wheat are shown opposite yellow ducklings. A Degas painting, along with a basketball, illustrate orange. Many of the most known and loved artists, from Marc Chagall to Gustave Klimt, are represented in this fantastic board book.

When I was shopping at the book store (where I bought a few more artsy board books that I’ll tell you about next week), the woman who helped me said that a lot of people seemed to be buying books as baby shower gifts. That comment was very uplifting. After all, what is more important than mind and spirit? Just a thought…

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