Friday, August 22, 2008

The Paper Crane by Molly Bang

You learned yesterday that the Japanese consider paper cranes to be lucky. In The Paper Crane, Molly Bang tells a wonderful story a one family who experiences the luck of a paper crane.

The family’s once successful restaurant is not doing well. A highway has been built very near the restaurant and now cars just drive by. People don’t come in to eat anymore. One day a stranger comes in and the restaurant owner serves him a meal. To repay the owner for his kindness, the stranger folds a paper crane out of a napkin. When the crane comes to life the restaurant is suddenly very popular. Everyone wants to see the paper crane that has come to life!

The illustrations are perfect for the book. Molly Bang created paper collages and then photographed them. These images became the illustrations.

I hope you enjoy this picture book as much as I do!

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Little Acorns Treehouse said...

hi Jessica-I wanted to thank you once again for all that you do on this blog. I just pulled together a full year of art lessons for my girls. Each lesson focuses on a particular artist by using a picture book, looking at a representative work and then doing a hands on activity. A number of the activities I plan on doing are from your site. If you want to see the whole list, it is on my blog.

Thanks again for your generosity!


Jessica said...

Wow. That is a great art curriculum! Your girls are lucky to have so much culture in their education and in their lives. I think your post could be a valuable resource for many others so I'm going to link to it permanently in my sidebar. Thanks so much for taking the time to post it!