Friday, September 28, 2007

Create Your Own Mosaic

It’s difficult to create a tile mosaic but, as you’ve seen in entries this week, you can make a mosaic out of almost anything, including nails, toothpicks, and Post-It Notes. The easiest material to work with is paper so that’s what you’ll use for this project. Once you’ve created a mosaic out of paper, move on to the second project in this post.

Materials Needed:

One large sheet of paper
Glue stick
Assortment of colored papers
Scissors (optional)

First, decide what you’d like your mosaic to look like. You can create anything from a simple, repeating pattern to a complex picture. Using your pencil, draw the image onto your large sheet of paper. You’ll cover the pencil lines with paper so the drawing won’t be a part of the finished mosaic.

Next, cut or tear pieces your other pieces of paper into small bits. These can be cut into matching squares, rectangles, circles, random shapes, or a combination.

Lay out the pieces of colored paper onto your drawing as you want it to look. You can lay the pieces of paper so they overlap each other or you can lay them with space in between so the large paper shows through like the grout in a tile mosaic. You may want to try using different shades of the same color to fill in an area of your mosaic. For example, if you want to make water, use some dark blue, some light blue, and some green next to each other.

When the mosaic looks they way you want it, use the glue stick to attach the paper bits.


Materials Needed:

Wooden Board
Flat Glass Marbles
Clear Silicone Glue

Just like in the first project, draw your design or picture onto the board with your pencil. Lay the flat glass marbles onto the board and arrange them until you like the way the mosaic looks. Then use the Silicone Glue to attach the flat marbles to the board. Silicone Glue will work best since it was made specifically for glass and tile.

Be careful when you move your finished mosaic. If the board is twisted or bent the marbles may pop off. This is even true of a tile mosaic created by a professional.

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