Wednesday, September 26, 2007

David Alvarez's Post-It Mosaic

Since we’ve been talking about mosaics and mosaics made out of weird materials, David Alvarez’s Post-It mosaics seemed like a perfect thing to write about today.

Alvarez is a 19 year old student at Wenatchee Valley College in Washington who created the mosaic for an art show. He used a photo editing program on his computer to make a picture of musician, Ray Charles look like a mosaic. He then used the picture on the screen to create his mosaic out of 2000 Post-It Notes. He had to add glue to keep the Post-It Notes attached but the bottoms still flap the way they would if they were only attached with their usual stickiness.

Go look at the slide show of David Alvarez’s Post-It mosaic. Included is a picture of the way it looked on the computer screen. It couldn’t have been easy to turn it into a Post-It mosaic!

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Anonymous said...

Heavy Mural can help you recreate mosaics like this. Simply upload an image, tweak the color palette and size, and then print out instructions.

Jessica said...

That's pretty cool. Thanks for the advice.