Friday, February 8, 2008

Blogger Award

Look! I have received a blogger award! The person who has recognized my site is a home school mom, Jenny, who writes about her experiences in home schooling. On her site, Little Acorns, home school parents can find some valuable materials such as printable activities and organizational suggestions. There are many shimmering gems of wisdom scattered through her pages. For example, recently she posted about the Dolch Word List which I had never heard of and found quite interesting. I’m not going to tell you what it is if you don’t know because I want you to click through to her great site and check it out.

And so now it is my turn to pass on the award. Of course, I would like to recognize Peter’s site, PHO, which is a daily read that I look forward to each morning. Through his amazing photos (I mean it, some of these photos look professionally retouched. He’s very talented) and incredibly well-researched historical passages, Peter takes his readers on tours of Paris. And who doesn’t like Paris? You’ve probably seen me mention his site before.

Secondly, I would like to recognize Kathy Barbro. She teaches art to kids and on her website, Art Projects for Kids, she writes instructions for some of the projects she does with her students. These projects are all successfully kid-tested and the photos show real students’ results. These projects all look like a lot of fun. I am especially intrigued by the Giant Paper Mache Pencils. Today, I will post about an artist and link to a related project on Kathy’s site.

Thank you again to Jenny for singling out my site for this award. It's great to know that people are reading and enjoy the articles and projects posted here.

Please be sure to read the post below as that is today’s dose of art.

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Peter said...

Thanks Jessica! Thanks for this award and thanks for your very nice words!

You are certainly worthy of this award;I find your blog extremely well made, interesting, positively pedagogic...! I hope and trust that you have and will get a lot of readers!

This gave me also the opportunity to visit two other interesting blogs. To promote art, especially to kids, is important and you and your friends do it so well!

Jessica said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the other blogs, Peter, and I hope they enjoyed yours! And thank you for all the support you've given me. Today and in the past.