Thursday, February 14, 2008


I kind of hate when people put up entire posts based on links to other sites but that is what’s in store for you today. I’m working on something really cool (at least I think so) that will be a series of posts beginning on Monday. I’m excited about it and I hope you’ll enjoy the series as much as I’m enjoying researching and writing it!

Also, you'll notice the new blog layout. It may change again in the next few days but I thought it was time to rearrange things. I rearrange my apartment routinely and it always make me feel better, so there you go.

Anyhow, Happy Valentine’s Day! There are tons of Valentine craft projects on the web. You won’t find any on my site, but I’ll point you in the right direction if you’re interested. The first is an art project on one of my favorite art project sites (which you can also find in the sidebar under Art Projects for Kids). Here you will find a Valentine based on the art of Jim Dine, an American pop artist. It’s a fun project and you will end up with a beautiful
Shiny Valentine.

Another fun Valentine’s Day craft: create a bouquet of tissue paper roses. The directions at Kinderart are pretty good but I would amend them a little. Their instruction say to use masking tape to connect the stem to the flower, then paint the tape to match the stem. It would be much easier (and less messy) to use tape that is already green. You can buy painters’ tape and electrical tape in green and I suggest you use one of those instead of painting masking tape. In any event, a bouquet of tissue paper roses in an assortment of colors can brighten the recipient's dining table for weeks.

And finally, a site unrelated to Valentine’s Day, and the inspiration for this links post:
Teaching Drawing Skills. This page is meant as a resource for teachers and homeschoolers. Carolyn provides simple instructions for drawing objects like a box, coffee mug and saucer, and even a sneaker. Her page helps explain how an artist sees an object and then simplifies it into the lines and shading that form a drawing. It’s a very valuable site for students who want to improve their drawing skills.

I hope you’ve found something useful and I promise tomorrow’s post will be more interesting!

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Peter said...

Happy Valentine and good luck with all your projects!

Jessica said...

Thanks Peter! Happy V-Day to you, too.