Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Create Your Own Calder Mobile

Yesterday you learned about Alexander Calder, his circus, his stabiles, and his mobiles. Today, try your hand at creating a mobile, just like Calder.

Supplies Needed:

Construction Paper
Hole Punch
Thread (or yarn for younger children)

White Glue

This is a great project for older kids who are learning about weight and balance, though, with a little help, younger children can also enjoy creating mobile art.

Gather your materials. Venture outside to collect some sticks. Look for sticks of different lengths but try to choose slim sticks rather than fat ones. Then choose as many or as few colors of construction paper as you wish.

Cut out shapes from your construction paper. I chose to make rounded forms but you can cut any shapes you want. You can even cut out fish or birds. Punch a hole at the top of each cut out.
Lay your sticks out in the order you plan to tie them. I made only four levels but Calder’s mobiles could be much larger. Often his mobiles had five or more levels. The more levels you create, the more difficult it will be to balance your mobile. I would not make your mobile much larger than mine.
Tie your sticks together. Leave the threads or yarn a little loose so you can slide them along the sticks if you need to adjust later. Next, tie the shapes to the sticks.
Have an adult help you hang your mobile from the ceiling or in a doorway. Your adult helper can also help you fix the balance of all the parts of your mobile. Start at the top of your mobile and work your way down. Slide the top thread back and forth along the uppermost stick until the stick hangs straight. Dab a little glue on the thread to hold it in place. Do the same for the next stick and then the next until all of your sticks hang horizontally.
Enjoy your mobile as it swings and spins with the air currents in your home.

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Anonymous said...

Hi - great project - I had no idea calder was the father of mobiles and we have one of his sticker books!

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Jessica said...

Thank you both for your nice comments.

Gwyn: I've heard about those sticker books but I've never seen one. Does the book have activities in it, too?

Anonymous said...

I dislike mobiles >:|