Monday, June 9, 2008

Create Your Own Portfolio

Artists often keep portfolios of all their best work. You can do this, too. You’ve probably made a lot drawing and paintings. If you’re like me, they’re scattered all over the place. This portfolio (which is like a folder for your art) will help you to organize your art and keep it safe.

Supplies Needed:

Hole Punch
Yarn or Ribbon

Cut your posterboard into two pieces. Each piece should be about 14 inches wide and 11 inches long. Cut a 4 inch by 14 inch strip of fabric. Choose any colors you wish.

Spread some glue onto the bottom edge (the 14 inch side) of the posterboard. Glue one edge of the fabric to the posterboard. Next, spread glue over the bottom edge of the second piece of posterboard and attach the other edge of the fabric.

Punch a hole through the center of the top edge. Tie a piece of yarn or ribbon through each hole. If you’d like, decorate the outside of your portfolio.
Slip your artwork into your portfolio and tie the strings together.

Later in the week I’ll post a project that you can add to your portfolio.

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