Monday, June 30, 2008

Spain: Mudejar Style

Today begins a look at Spanish architecture. I haven’t written a lot about architecture and Spain seems the perfect place to start.

The Moors, Muslims from Northern Africa, began attacking Spain in the 600s. They continued their attacks for about 100 years until they were finally able to take over Spain. They remained in control of parts of Spain for nearly 800 years.
The Moors brought their culture with them and their architectural style began to show itself throughout Spain. The Mudejar style is a combination of Muslim, Christian, and Jewish styles. Buildings created in this style were made using inexpensive materials such as brick, tile, and plaster.
What makes these buildings special is the decoration. Often beautifully decorated tile was laid in patterns, wood and plaster was carved into complicated designs, and metals were twisted throughout to glint and gleam in the sunlight.

Buildings created in the Mudejar style can be seen in Spain, even today.


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