Friday, July 4, 2008

Santiago Calatrava

And finally, a modern Spanish architect…

Santiago Calatrava was born in Spain in 1951 and is still alive and working. He is a sculptor, architect, and structural engineer.
Calatrava began his career designing bridges and train stations (like the one shown above). He is currently working on a design for a station at the former site of the World Trade Center. The station will remind viewers of a hand releasing a bird.

Calatrava is also working on a building that, when finished, will be the tallest building in North America. It is called the Chicago Spire and was inspired by campfire smoke twisting into the air. To me, it looks like a twisty rocket ship.
He has designed many modern-looking buildings that have been constructed throughout the world. I really love the Turning Torso in Malmo, Sweden (shown above). If you are from the Milwaukee area you will certainly have see the Milwaukee Art Museum (below).
In Valencia, Spain you will find the City of Arts and Sciences. The city includes five massive and gorgeous buildings designed by Calatrava. The Hemispheric is especially beautiful. It looks like an oyster with a giant pearl. Also check out the pictures of the Palace of Arts and the Museum of Science.

Each of Calatrava’s designs is so different from the others but you can see that they came from the same mind.

To the Americans: Happy 4th of July! To everyone else: Enjoy your weekend!

I will be posting later today about something that is not related to art but that you may be interested in. Be sure to check back.

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PeterParis said...

I have seen the amazing bridge in Sevilla, but did not know who was the architect! Thanks! Amazing and nice!