Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Create Your Own Fine Art Puzzle

Here is another use for those old calendar pictures. If you don’t have any old calendars you can print a picture from the internet. You could also use a photo (just make sure to get permission first!).

Supplies Needed:

Poster board
Glue stick
Decorative-edged scissors (optional)
Spread glue over every inch of your picture and stick it to your piece of poster board. If you feel that your puzzle is still too thin, glue a second sheet of poster board to the back.
Use either your decorative-edged scissors or your regular scissors to cut the picture into pieces. I’ve given you examples of both. A third option is to trace the pieces of a puzzle that you already have. If you choose to do this, make sure your puzzles are the same size before you start. Also, trace the pieces onto the back so your pencil marks don’t show on the picture.
Enjoy your new puzzle!

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