Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Create Your Own Kaleidoscope

We haven't been having enough fun around here lately. I'm going to post a lot more art and craft projects in the next couple weeks. Fun is what summer break is for, after all!

I found this great project today. It is definitely a project for older kids and they will need adult help. Fortunately, adults will like this project, too! If you want to make this a family project, younger children can help their older brother or sister or parent by gluing sequins and beads to the lid (but they should use a more kid-safe glue).

In case you had the same idea that I had, aluminum foil cannot be used instead of reflective contact paper. It isn't shiny enough and the beads and sequins don't reflect like they would in a real kaleidoscope.

I also tried using wax paper and tissue paper instead of a plastic lid with beads and sequins. That doesn't work either. Follow the directions and the result is beautiful. Your own working, handmade kaleidoscope!

Here is the link to the video at eHow.

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