Monday, November 19, 2007

The First Thanksgiving

Jennie A. Brownscombe’s The First Thanksgiving, painted in 1914, appeared in Life Magazine and became the poster image of the first Thanksgiving. It shows the pilgrims and the Native Americans dining together, as friends, at one table. The priest is thanking God for the harvest and the good fortune of the Native Americans who taught them to grown corn, beans, and squash, and how to hunt.

The first Thanksgiving was celebrated in 1621 to celebrate the pilgrims’ first successful harvest. The celebration lasted several days and included indoor and outdoor feasts. Sometimes the pilgrims and Native Americans ate together, as shown in Brownscombe’s painting, and sometimes they ate separately.

The pilgrims had managed to build themselves a few crude homes and the Native Americans built temporary housing for themselves while they attended the festivities. The log cabin in the background of the painting is a historical inaccuracy.

Click for paintings of the Signing of the Mayflower Compact and the Pilgrims’ Landing.

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Anonymous said...

I have been enjoying your posts and watching your novel writting word count increase! I am impressed and hoping to see a posting of a few pages of the novel you are writting!

Jessica Camis said...

Thank you so much for reading! That's a good suggestion. I'll look for a section to post that will make sense on its own. Are you participating in NaNo? I'm glad you're enjoying everything. Thanks for the comment!

Peter said...

Yes, of course we are looking forward to see your novel... or at least part of it! Maybe a few of the first phrases or pages to start with?

Jessica Camis said...

Wow! This is such great encouragement. Okay. At the end of the week I'll post an excerpt. (But keep in mind that it has not been edited--at all.)

Jessica's Mom said...

Hey, thanks for requesting a little of Jessica's novel!! I am dying to read some and she hasn't let me yet!

Peter said...

Good! You promise to publish a part and I promise to read it!