Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Paint Your Own Watercolor Sunset

Watercolor is great. It’s fun to work with and not nearly as hard as oil paints to end up with good results. One thing to keep in mind about watercolors is that when you paint over one color with another, you won’t be able to cover the bottom color. This can create some nice effects that will be useful when you’re making your sunset, but can be frustrating if you forget to paint something in and then can’t add it.

Supplies Needed:

Watercolor paints
Cup of water for rinsing your brush

Cover your workspace with newspaper. Choose a sheet of paper. I recommend using think sketch paper because the texture will leave white patches in the water and the sky that will look like breaking waves and cloud wisps.

Since you’re making a sunset, the first thing you should do is paint in the sun. Choose a bright orange or yellow or mix the colors together on the paper. If you want to add any of interesting element, such as a dock or a large rock, do that next.

Now paint streaks of color horizontally across the sky. You could use red, yellow, and orange, or red, pink, and purple, or any colors you want.

Fill in the water the same way. If you’re painting on sketch paper, paint lightly so the texture leaves bits of white poking out. Add more water for lighter blue. I think it looks best if you vary how much water you use. Paint some light blue streaks and some dark blue streaks and let them blend together in places.

Let your masterpiece dry. Hang and enjoy.

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