Thursday, May 15, 2008

Create Your Own Gorky Painting

Yesterday you learned about Arshile Gorky and you looked at some of his paintings. Today, create your own loopy, colorful painting (or drawing).

Supplies Needed:

Heavy sketch paper
Paint brush

This is a simple project but the results are beautiful. Sketch some free-form loops across your paper. You can draw an object or a person, or just let your pencil swirl across the page.
When you’re pleased with your creation, fill in the loops with color. I outlined some parts of my painting in black. You can trace over your lines if you choose, or just let the colors show where the lines were.
Remember to sign your name on your masterpiece!

Younger kids can enjoy this project, too. Paints can be tough to control and they can be messy. Younger kids should use crayons instead. And feel free to use plain copy paper with crayons. The heavier paper is only needed to soak up the moisture of paint.

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