Thursday, May 29, 2008

Create Your Own Rothko Masterpiece

You learned about Mark Rothko’s color field paintings yesterday. Today, make your own color field masterpiece like Rothko.

Supplies Needed:

White Paper
Tissue Paper in assorted colors
White Glue
Paint Brush

Decide on an emotion you’d like to create. Maybe angry, maybe serene. Maybe you want to show love or hate or jealousy. Choose tissue paper in colors that look like the emotion you chose. For instance, if I wanted to create serene I might use turquoise, green, and cobalt blue.

Cut rectangles of tissue paper. You can layer the tissue paper on top of itself to make deep colors, or use just one layer if you wish to see the white paper through the tissue paper. Arrange your colored rectangles on the white paper.

Finally, brush a thin layer of white glue onto your white paper and apply the tissue paper.

Let dry, hang, and enjoy!

I hope you enjoy your weekend. Check back next week for more color field artists.

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