Monday, May 26, 2008

Create Your Own Jacob Lawrence Inspired Series

On Friday you learned that Jacob Lawrence told stories by creating series of paintings. He illustrated one scene of the story at a time until it was complete. Lawrence was careful to use the same colors in each painting of a series. He did this by first planning each painting. Then he filled the colors in one at a time. For instance, he would paint all the red parts of the paintings, then all the yellow, then all the blue. Today, draw your own story.

Supplies Needed:

At least 5 sheets of paper

Decide the story you want to tell. It can be true, from you own life or from someone else’s, or you can make up a story.

Sketch each scene onto its own sheet of paper. Create at least 5 scenes. Jacob Lawrence’s series were much longer. His migration series was 60 scenes long!

Now color them in. You can color each picture separately or add one color at a time like Lawrence did.

Remember to number your scenes (on the back of each paper) so you can easily keep them in order.

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