Thursday, September 4, 2008

Art Games

This has been a light posting week, huh? I know. I'm busy with my first weeks back to school and I'm sure you are, too. Soon everything will be back to normal, though. When you have a little time, enjoy the fun, interactive art games posted below.

Check out these interactive art games first. If you click on the guitar, you can interact with a cubist painting by Juan Gris. When you've finished, click the menu button. Then click on the picture next to the guitar to learn about portraits. At the end of the tour, the tour guide will paint your portrait. It's pretty funny. I was a pirate art teacher who lived in outer space! Try it for yourself!

Here's another interactive site I think you'll like. An alien lands in Manhattan, New York and decides to go to the Museum of Modern Art. You must give him a tour of the museum. Each exhibit gives you a little history about the artist, shows you a piece of art, helps you to explore the art, and gives you an idea to help you create your own artwork.

Older kids can check out this site that helps you create your own video about art. The site gives you some video clips but you can add pictures of your own artwork (just make sure to get permission first). You can also add your own writing to the video.

Finally, travel through time to Leonardo da Vinci's studio in this ArtEdventure. Someone has used a time machince to change history. You must figure out who and stop him or her from erasing one of da Vinci's paintings.

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