Monday, September 15, 2008

Create Your Own Fuzzy Painting

Have you ever seen those books that have pictures you can feel? Sometimes there are fuzzy ducks or smooth egg shells or birds with feathers. Today, make your own fuzzy picture.

Young children can enjoy this project too. Focus on using lots of colors instead of on making a recognizable picture.

Supplies Needed:

Construction Paper
Paper Plate (to use as a palette)

Choose what colors you want to use in your fuzzy painting. Wrap a length of yarn around your fingers about twenty times. Slide the yarn off your fingers and snip it into tiny bits. You don’t want any pieces to be larger than half an inch. Repeat this process for each color. Pile the yarn colors on your paper plate palette.
Use glue to draw the outline of your picture. Press bits of yarn onto the glue. Draw the details in glue and press more yarn onto your page. Continue this process until you have filled in your picture.
When the glue dries, you’ll be able to pet your fuzzy creation!

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