Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Create Your Own Setting Sun Pencil Holder

We’ve all settle back into the school routine and that probably means homework. Set this cheery setting sun pencil holder on your workspace at home to keep your school supplies close.

Supplies Needed:

Round container cut down to size
Construction paper (blue, yellow, orange, and pink)
Glue stick
White glue
Ask an adult to cut an empty Pringles container (or container of similar shape and size) down to about 8 inches. I used a bread crumbs container.

Cut two strips of blue construction paper. You want the strips to be the same height as the container (about 8 inches). It’s okay if the strips are a little too long. You can cut them shorter or allow them to overlap.

Cut thinner strips of orange and pink. Cut a wavy line across the top of the pink strip and attach it to the orange strip.

Glue one of the blue strips around the outside of the container. Glue the other to the inside. Use a glue stick or white glue for this step. You may wish to apply a small piece of double-sided tape to the end of each strip to help it stay stuck until the glue dries.

Trace the bottom of your container onto a piece of tag board and two pieces of yellow construction paper. Cut out all three circles. Glue the yellow pieces to either side of the tag board (like a sandwich with the tag board in the middle). This is to give the sun some strength so it will stand up.

If you’re feeling creative, draw a face on your sun.

Finally, glue the sun to the top of the container. You’ll want to use white glue for this step.
When the pencil holder has dried, fill it with pencils and enjoy!

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