Thursday, October 2, 2008

Create Your Own Warhol Masterpiece

Yesterday I posted a Warhol-inspired portrait project. Today’s Andy Warhol project is much simpler and better matched to younger art-lovers.

Supplies Needed:

Small piece of poster board
Construction paper in four colors
White paper
Glue Stick

You may choose to make butterflies, like I did, or any other animal or object. Make sure that whatever you choose can be broken into four parts. If your subject has more parts, you’ll need more colors.

Cut stencils of each part of the butterfly or use stencils that an adult has already made.

Trace each stencil on each piece of construction paper. Cut out all the pieces. Also cut one square out of each piece of construction paper. These will form your backgrounds.
Mix and match the colors. Be sure that you’re happy with the way the colors look together before gluing them down.

Glue the pieces together. Arrange the four squares, then glue them to your sheet of white paper.

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