Thursday, November 20, 2008

Create Your Own Magritte Masterpiece

Yesterday you learned about the Surrealist painter, Rene Magritte. The project I’m sharing with you today was inspired by his painting, The Dominion of Light. In The Dominion of Light, Magritte painted night and day in the same painting. He thought that including both night and day in one scene would give the viewer a nice surprise. I think he was right!

Supplies Needed:

Two photos of the same scene taken in different light
Glue stick

The pictures I chose I shown below. I printed my pictures onto plain white copy paper instead of photo paper. It’s easier to work with the pictures this way and it’s less expensive.
Look at your pictures and decide which pieces you want to use. I knew I wanted the walkway in my picture but it was buried under snow in the nighttime picture. I also liked the way the tree truck from the nighttime photo fit together with the colorful leaves in the daytime photo.

When you have decided what to keep, cut out your pieces. I recommend keeping one photo complete and adding piece from the other photo on top of it. You do not have to cut straight lines, like I did. Let your imagination guide you.
Lay your pieces where you want them. When you’re happy with your picture, glue down your pieces.
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Ms. Julie's Place said...

Very cool. The project I saw was based on Men in Bowler Hats and involved cutting different size stencils of the same silhouette to make the pattern of repeating raindrops. It was in Instructor Magazine a couple of years ago when they were still putting art posters in the centerfold with an accompanying lesson.
Thanks for this. You know I am a shameless lesson plan thief so I will probably use this sometime in the future. Make sure to check out my Vermeer lesson this week. It should be up tomorrow sometime.

Jessica said...

I try to make up my own projects when I can. When I was learning about Magritte the idea just struck me so I didn't search for other projects. Thanks for telling me about that one! I can imagine a rain picture like Men in Bowler Hats. Sounds simple enough, too.

I look forward to your Vermeer lesson. I don't think I posted a project to go along with Vermeer so I'm interested to see what you came up with.