Friday, December 12, 2008

Seen Art? by Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith

Seen Art? by Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith is a fun story about a boy who is trying to find his friend in New York City. The confusion starts when the boy asks a passerby, “seen Art?” You see, the boy’s friend’s name is Art! The boy heads into the Museum of Modern Art to look for him and he finds art, just not the Art he was looking for.

Jon Scieszka always writes with a humor that boys love. This book would make a great gift for that kindergarten or first grade art lover on your list. Bundle it with art supplies and maybe some instructions for art projects that you found here at Art Smarts 4 Kids!

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Peter said...

There is art with a capital A or not!

Lilly said...

True depending on the context in which it is used.

Peter said...

Making a small pause?

Jessica said...

I guess I am taking a pause. I'm in Florida for the holidays. I meant to continue to post but... That's what happens sometimes.

Peter said...

Enjoy Florida!

If you are back next week I have planned some posts referring to "art"!

All the best for 2009!